Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


Language level

Beginner: A1


every day I read different thins such as messages and comments from social media, textbook... I do not draw because I am not good at drawing. I eat and drink every day. and I sleep at the end of the day after typing some message to my lovely friends

I can do three that these actions at the same time: look, listen and eat... Jajajaja... Only when it is my rest time. I'm just kidding!!!. But it's true that when I'm learning English, with British Council, I can do many of these actions: look, read, type and listen at the same time.

Write and listen <3

I refer to listen and smile

smile x smile = smile & smile

Speak, smile, draw, look, and other of other days

I speak, smile, draw, look and others of others days

I can write and listen.

I can write and listen

Get up, Eat, Walk, See, Read, Type, Drink, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.....zzz