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Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I'm rather old then young but in my country there is saying "People are as old/young as they feel" and according to my feelings I am young.
I'm 169cm tall and 64kg fat, people usually say that I'm thin. I've medium dark hair and eyes.
My son is handsome, young man, 186cm tall and 84kg fat. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He runs about 10-15km every day and is in very good condition.

Let me say something about me and describe my appearance. I'm not tall, even I'm the shortest in my family. I'm 150cm and 45 kg. I think I'm slim with that proportion of height and weight. I have dark hair and dark eyes like every Asian girl. I'm very happy to join to BC team. I want to say thanks British Council for giving me chance to learn English. I really hope to communicate with everybody here.

I'm 32 and 165cm tall and weighs 62kg. I'm slim and I have dark hair.

hello, i'm 160cm tall, not tall or short, by the way, what word can i use to describe my height (medium height).
I weighs 165kg, so i think i am overweight but not fat, i am an eye-browned girl with dark hair and a fair complexion.

I am with dark hair and thin person but I am not handsome also I am young.

My younger bro described my face as similar to Anpanman...

I'm bald, but I have dark hair. I'm 29 years old and I'm tall (180cm) and I'm thin.

I am thin and handsome, I Have dark hair and Iam 45 years old but I feel young.

Hello everyone,
I am Spanish and I am sixty-five years old and gray-haired / gray. My height is one hundred and seventy centimeters. and I'm a little fat, my weight is 74-75 kg., I'm still optimistic and I'm interested in learning new things, like English, to travel to other countries.
I hope to achieve my goal with effort and perseverance thanks to the British Council team.

First of all Hello for everybody. My height is about 181 cm and weight 79 cm, I've dark (brown) hair, also brown color eyes, I'm slim, some Asian people talk that I'm handsome, so I describe myself and if someone wish to communicate with me you are welcome, communication help us to improve our English level. Oh, I forget whrite that I'm 26 years old.