Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


amazing tasks! thank you

I have dark hair and an athletic body.

hello every one.
I am tall (167 cm) and slim with dark hair.
My friend is fat, short and ginger hair (she put purple color oh her hair)

My wife is beautiful!!!

Hi, my name is Pierpaolo and I'm 23. I have dark hair, blue eyes, weigh 72kg and I'm 170cm. I like playing football, guitar and sing a lot of songs. I graduated in Banking and Finance and I'd like to work at the European Commission.

iam a handsome man iam thin and tall

Hello! I am tall 2.20 cm and have long blonde hair, but only if I stand on a chair and I wear a wonderful blonde wig! Otherwise I'm quite tall, weigh 72 kg and have few short dark hair. Bye.

I have simple eukaryotic organisms that move in a characteristic crawling fashion. Who am I? Guess!
σ(゚・゚*) Well・・・

its a good test and refresh our mind

Hello! I am going to decribe a little bit my appearance. I'm a 31 years old and I am a few fat and short but all into a healthy limits. My most original feature is my long, straight and brilliant ginger hair, I love it!
I have two children with my husband. He is a little bit taller than me, has two expresives blue eyes and I think is very handsome. He is blonde-haired and also ours kids.