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i am 27 years old but seem younger. i am thin and my hair light brown but my sister is fatter me and her hair is dark. i`m 165cm and 49kg and my sister is 165cm and 63kg.

I'm 6'0" tall. My body is slim and my hair color is brown. I'm not handsome or ugly and I'm not old or young. My wife is very beautiful. She is shorter and younger than me. She has blond hair. Her body is thin. I love her very much.

My sister is thinn and short She's got brown hair and brown eyes she's beautiful

My sister is slim, and she is taller than me. Her hair are darker than mine. I'm the older one of the family.

I am tall 176cm and my weight is 76kg. I have short brown hair and brown eyes. My husband is tall and fat. He weights 120kg. He has brown hair and brown eyes, like mine.

I am not tall and not short. I'm 163 cm and my weight is 55 kg. My hair is blonde, but my sisters hair is ginger. I have brown eyes and thin cheeks.
A lot of people told me I was beautiful. Possibly it's true.

I'm a slim and short young woman, I have short dark hair. I'm 164 cm and 54 kg. I have brown eyes. My daughter is very beautiful. She's little.

what does the word "youngster" mean compared to young?
thanks in advance

Hi Al-Hussaini mohamed,

'youngster' is a noun and 'young' is an adjective, though it's true that we speak about 'the young' (and here it is like a noun). 'youngster' tends to be used to refer to children who are not very young, say from about the age of 12 and up, but this is not always true. Otherwise, there is no general difference I can think of, though 'youngster' is used less commonly than 'the young'. If there's a specific context you're curious about, please don't hesitate to ask us about it.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Well... what about 'oldster'? Is it commonly used, Kirk?