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Hello admins,
I often hear "running/ jogging/ walking shoes" and "sneakers" instead of "trainers". Are they different??

Hello Rafaela1,

'sneakers' and 'trainers' mean the same thing, but the first is American English and the second is British English.

As far as I know (I'm not a runner), 'running shoes' and 'jogging shoes' are the same kind of shoe; for most people, 'jogging' and 'running' are the same thing, though for some 'jogging' refers to a kind of slower-paced running, whereas running is a more general term that can include jogging plus faster running.

'walking shoes' in theory could be a bit different from running or jogging shoes, though I expect they are quite similar in many ways.

Hope that helps you make sense of it!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you for your kind explanation!
By the way, I have another question. I hear very slow-paced jogging promotes fat-burning. But if the jogging is slower than walking, is it still called jogging or faster-walking??

Hello Rafaela1

You're very welcome :-) As for your new question, to be honest, I'm not really sure. I did a quick internet search and see that people talk about both 'slow jogs' and 'slow runs', so I'd probably recommend using one of those two. But someone who knows more about the topic might have more insight into this than me!

Best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team

I like to wear shirt and shoes

Personally, I appreciate shirts but I become lazy to iron them, that is why I prefer T-shirt and sweatshirt that did not need ironing.

Fur is the most comfortable for me.
( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾

I like to wear jeans, shirt and trainers shoes. I like clothes that make me confortable.

I prefer to wear top, especialy white colour and jeans in the summer and in the winter I put on a warm jumper and a sweatshirt. I like clothes that make me comfortable.

I like to wear jeans,a t shirt or a dress.