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Clothes 1

Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.


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Beginner: A1


Ussualy, I wear jeans and t-shirt. It is very convenient for me. I wear shorts in summer.

I like all kinds of clothes. When I go to school, I just wear comfortable clothes like T-shirt and jeans with trainers. When hanging out with my friends, I usually basic clothes, sometimes dresses with sandals, sometimes jeans, T-shirt with trainers or just pants with basic T-shirt, or even pyjamas (lol). When I attend important events like weeding, conferences, I tend to choose formal clothes like shirt, dresses with dark colors, high heels,.... But the clothes I like best is casual clothes (T- shirt, jeans, trainers)

normally i like to wear trainers shoes and some confortable T-shirt with jeans

Usually I like to wear comfortable casual clothes. For example I like jeans, T-shirts and sweatshirts. I like comfortable trainers very much. But sometimes i want to look pretty. I wear a beatiful skirts, shirts and dresses. And high heel shoes i like no less than trainers.

I often wear confortable clothes because I have the luck to work at home. So I usually wear trainers with a sport's wear for the lower part of the body, and a T-shirt or a polo for the upper part. When it's cold or wind I also of course wear a sweatshirt and/or a jacket. I don't like to wear hat or cap, I prefer use my headphone ;)

My dress changes according to occassion like in any festival i use to wear long froks, shirts with tights with printed scarf, mostly i wear flat sandal because i am highted and heels is not suitable for. In workplace i take casual dress because i am a teacher and teacher should be look like cool and decent. I love trainers because i have never feel tire when i use this.

I like to wear comfortable clothes.
in winter, I wear trousers and a jumper or coat
in summer, I wear a skirt and top

I enjoy wearing jeans & tops or T-shirts and flat sandals. But most working days I wear I prefer to wear gowns with pockets and flat loafers.

The website seemed good to me since it can identify the different garments although it was complicated in the jumper and coat part.

We use to make suitable dressing based on the occasion cloth to be worn is varied from home to work ..etc.
people use to ware shorts and even under ware only while sitting home.
dress code is quite strict in work places, for office work full suite with tie or shirt with tie is must while no T-shirt or denim trousers/jeans is acceptable.
filed works if it is work shops hard cap, gloves and coverall to be worn along with safety shoes.
of course in winter need to keep our bodies worm that is why either we have wear sweaters over T-shirts (made up of wool) or sweater shirt which made up of cotton but it has to be worn over shirt or T-shirt.
women use to ware trousers at home or works or top as well and jackets in winter or even coats.
T-shirts with denim trousers or jeans are worn in hangout, walking or even special occasions, hat is always to protect hour head from sun