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Clothes 1

Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I like to wear wide pants and large t-shirts because they make me feel comfortable, now I wear a sweater and sports pants

it depends on the season but in general i like baggy clothes i don't like feeling something stuck on me or tight on my body

I like wear jumpers and coat.

I like to wear pants with tennis shoes and a short shirt

I like free styles for clothes choosing . So I usually wear with T-shirt and short pant for home and T-shirt or shirt with style pant for going outside.

I like very much use sweatshirt with jeans and trainers

I really like to wear skirts and dresses

I like wearing summer clothes. I have flyaway tops, skirts and shorts. This summer I bougt a few cotton shorts and all summer I wore them. They were very comfortable and competible my all tops. I love my sandals. They are easy to wear, my foots are open and feel the air. Just because wearing them all summer, my foots have sunburn like a sandals :)

I like to wear jeans and jumper.

I'd like to wear a top and a skirt in summer. I prefer to wear coat and jeans in winter.