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Clothes 1

Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.


Language level

Beginner: A1


I like to wear short trousers and a cap on sunny days in the summer and a Jumper with a coat in the winter.

I like to wear a shirt and short pants or jeans.

I like to wear jeans and Trainers the Weekend

I like to wear jeans and sweatshirt with trainers.

Hİ Every body,
This website good for learn english,
l have just started to study But İts perfect To me
I usually wear suıt at work. Actually , I Lıke wear sport and casual thıng. Because I feel fresh:)

Have a nice day.

Shirts decorated with a certain design.
Not a design of Hello Kitty!!

I like wearing different clothes and it’s depend on the season which we are in .
In spring we usually wear shirts and jeans , in the summer I always wear T-shirt and jeans and sometimes I wear shorts
In the fall( autumn ) i usually wear warmer clothes like things that i wear in spring because the weather in autumn likes the spring .
In winter we always wear warm clothes like coats, jackets,boots,sweaters,gloves and socks and etc.

I prefer wear a jeans, in summer with a shirt, in winter with sweatshirt or jumper upper shirt and jacket.

I prefer to wear jeans
—> the word of jeans is plural so we couldn’t bring “a” before it :)

you caught him:)