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Clothes 1

Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.


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Beginner: A1


I like to wear any type of clothes because I like to be nice :)

I think so

but we all need to look nice so we need to wear clean and suitable clothes

Thanks, this the first time I write a comment here.

i wear clothes acording to seasons

I love the simplicity so I like to wear a T-shirt and jeans or trousers

Personally, in winter I prefer to wear coats, trousers an boots. And in summer I like to wear skirts, shirts and sandals.

I like casual, but usually I wear suits.

I like to use jeans and top.

I like a jeans and t-shirt

I like to wear different clothes. It depends by my mood.
Sometimes I like to wear dress or skirt and shirt (especially summer), but usually I wear jeans or trousers, coat, top and trainers. It's comfortable because I prefer to move fast.

I like to wear shirt with jeans, but sometimes i wear jeans or trousers with jumper too

I like to use trousers and T-shirt. That's comfortable for me to use.