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Do these exercises to learn the names of some drinks.


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people here in egypt like tea but my favorite drink is milkshake and coffee

My family likes to have coffee and milk in the mornings, in the afternoons juice with ice or fizzy drinks and in the evening some tea.
I like to drink coffee and beer

I like sparkling mineral water. I have no courage to try TEQUILA!

My favorite drink is beer and wine, I drink it once a week. People in my city drink ceveza and a lot of tequila, although they also drink coffee and juice in the morning.

The people where I live drink beer, I like coffee or tequila better

In my house we drink coffee every day, in the morning and in the evening, at lunch we drink water and rarely drink Coca-Cola.
My favorite drink is coffee.

In my country, most people drink fizzy drinks, mostly children. It is really bad for health. As for me, I don't like this fizzy drinks. I drink just only sometimes this drinks. Mostly I drink water because it is good for health and good for our skin.

A doctor says taking a moderate amount of coffee a day works to keep me in good health. REA---lly? :)

In my country, Turkey, people have lots of option to drink. At breakfast almost everybody drink tea infact we drink tea all time. Esspacially with food with meat they drink "ayran" which is made by yogurth. If you mix yogurth, water and a bit salt you made "ayran".  We have special coffee called Turkish Coffee. After any meal people can drink coffee. Before breakfast drinking coffee is not usual here. Even in the past people offered their guests turkish coffee and water. If the guest drank water first, the host understood the guest was hungy :) We have also "Raki", it is made anisi and alcohol and drink with water. I love drinking coffee. Every morning I prepare my decaf coffee with mocha pot and put into my thermos and drink all day.

people drinks in my live usually is coffee the drink in breakfast beacuse many people in here a smoker and favorite my drink is tea beacuse apart form a not a smoker,it is very delicious and feels good in my body