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Everyday objects

Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.


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Beginner: A1


thanks a lot... some people try to carry out some essentail things for example; mobile phone, identity card, wallet, purse, glasses ect... when they go out. , but when i go out for shoppings, work or go for reluxing, i always get my phone, wallet, and money.

When I got to work, I use my computer and my mobile phone. Usually I do not keep my wallet when I go out.

when i go out, i carry my mobilephone, purse, wallet

When i go out i would carry wallet and car keys to go for Work And definitely phone i will take it.

Now most of the things described in the lesson can replace a smartphone - this is a phone + computer + wallet + ticket + key + many more functions. I always carry it with me .

I usually carry my cell phone and my wallet with money

When I go out, I like to carry my phone and headphones, as well as my wallet and keys

I usually carry my glasses, my wallet and a backpack with my keys and my phone when I go out

Whenever I go out I carry glasses, my house keys, my phone and sometimes a backpack.

When I go out, the most important thing that I take is my phone and purse. I always take my rucksack too. In this, there are my umbrella , water bottle and junk foods.