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Farm animals

Learn words for some farm animals and pets by doing these exercises.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I don't take care of any animals.
yet I have not seen the pig.
pig meat is forbidden in Islam.

I never saw a pig. In Egypt we don't have it in farms and it's forbidden for Muslims to eat pork.

I'm wondering if a cat is a farm animal or a home pet...???

The above I haven't take care of animals, but I have two pets are the bird.
I seeing everything above animals.

In our daily life all the animals we need like we eat cows milk & meat, same for sheep & goat, we eat chicken, some have pet like cat & dogs, other religious eat piggs meat, and horse for riding etc.

I don't take care of any of these animals, but I sometimes enjoy watching funny videos of animals on online.

As I am resident in UAE there is no place to keep pets, as most of the flats are quite small and there is no place to keep pets this from experience but still some people are capable to keep animals and pets like dogs, cats and still taking care of them.
the complication is some time you have to take it to vet for regular checkup or in case of illness.
you need to feed it walk with it clean it as well from time to time.
But in my home my father is farmer and we a lot of farm animals like cows, sheep, chicken, goats, horse, donkey and camels.
rabbits are also available less than before as compare to chicken.
I never seen pig in farm but we have wild pig in forest with large number.

I don't take care of any of these animals. I don't have an animals and pets at all. There is any animal that I have never seen, I haven't seen a pig.

I don’t like animals very much because I scared of them but my father take care of chickens every day he feeds them and give them water when they are thirsty. I have seen all of them except big,eating pork in our country is forbidden.

Very funny! I named my dog Patience and I leave Burkina Faso when he was still a baby dog. But when I went back from Algeria in 2017, he totally forgot me and was in the point to attack me, fortunately my mom was here. During my holidays I tried my best to get his heart but I failed, whatever I still love him because he is too cute and my best keeper. Best friend forever Patience!!!!!!!!!!!