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Farm animals

Learn words for some farm animals and pets by doing these exercises.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi. I had many cats and two dogs.

I have a little dog and I love her. Her name is Sandy. I love dogs, if I could, I would have more. And I already saw all these animals.

In the past my family had many dogs, cats, chicken and pigs. But now they all gone and my family decided not raise any animals. The last dog died because the thief catched him away and i never seen him anymore.

After got married I don´t take care any animals anymore , but when I was younger and lived with my parents I took care a dog , my parents always used to have a dog , and once we had a cat .My wife loves animals and even loves a dogs , actually she has been avoid eaten meat , she wants to be a vegetarian .
and yes I´ve seen all these animals ,

I had cats, dogs, chickens, goats, pigs, ducks and rabbits. Now I only have mice that I catch a mousetrap. I saw all these animals.

I have seen all these animals.

I don't take care of any animals. I dislike animal. I feel a bit scared when they react. I saw duck, chicken, dog, cat, mouse, horse, pig, rabbit. I just saw cow, goat, sheep on tivi.

I haven't any animals and I haven't seen giraffe.

Yes we have a female cat nearly four black and white.