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Farm animals

Learn words for some farm animals and pets by doing these exercises.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Animals above are domestic one so most of the people have seen them at least once. In England, you can see mice too much particularly when there is a large green space around your house.
Years ago I had a cat and he was so lovely and loyal like a dag. He was only pet I used to take care. After that, I brought no pet to keep at the house. In my personal idea, we take their freedom and change their habits to what we want to. That is true, we take care, feed or water them, and love them but they do not belong to our lifestyle; they are part of nature and we have taken them apart from the original place.

I've seen all of these animals, but I've taken care of none of them.
٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶' ...(ノ-_-)ノ~

Actually, no. But, I want to take care of a dog like pitbull, because they look very rude but I think that they are so sweet and friendly. In general, about those animals there is not any that I don't want to see.

Yes, I take care of cat an , I never don't see the pig.

I don't have any animals in my house. But my gandparents had cow, chickens, pigs and cat. They lived in the village.

I take care of a little cat, 7 month old and she is very beautiful, very playful and temperamental.

I live in the city and I don't take care any of those animals now, but my parents have a farm In the countryside and there they have a goat, sheep, rabbit chicken, dog, cat and cow. I saw all of these animals.

I have not any animals in my house but I like rabbit and horse




I don't take care any of those animals now, but when I was younger I worked in a farm where they had cows and sheep.

I have no animals in my apartment.
But my parents live in village and they have cat and dog.
Before that, they took care of chickens and pigs.