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Food in Britain 2

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more common foods in Britain.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


pizza is the food I like to eat the most

I like eat most of these foods but the most I like a pizza I ussually eat takeaway.

The mostly known food for me are pizza, omelette, different kinds of curry, rice (white).
however the cocking flavors are are difference from country to country I would like to take beef or mutton or fish or chicken curry with spices and herbals added and with dried meat as well.
dumplings are prepared with or without meat or vegetables backed in different ways boiled or fried.
Sushi is not common and I never tried them before of prepared them locally .
I use to prepared fruit salad from different fruits banana, orange,avocado, pineapple, apple, grapes and such and use to make cream.
I like soup as well with different ingredients sea food, vegetable and spices.

I like to eat pizza omelette and sandwiches.
I like to try sushi and dumplings.
When I go to the restaurant with my husband I prefer Takeaway.
Usually in dinner I eat soup or rice.

I like to eat all of those foods.

I like to eat omelette and soup.... hold on!
Is it correct to say "eat soup"?
Can anyone help me? What am I supposed to say??
( ・᷄ꃪ・᷅)˞ᵋᵌ

Hello Rafaela1
I say 'eat soup', and in my experience most other people also say 'eat' with 'soup'. I suppose if the soup were in a mug, I might say 'drink', but probably I'd just use the delexical verb 'have' (see to avoid saying that since it sounds a little strange!
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

I like many of these foods: pizza, croissant, dumplings and rice.

I like to eat sandwich but usually I put in the toaster to melt the cheese.

When I hear Chinese music out of nowhere, I feel like eating dumplings, likewise, canzone invites me pizza, chanson invites me croissans, omelette, & soup, American pop music tempts me to take away sandwich and fruit salada, Japanese pops invites me to sushi, and Bollywood film tempts me to spicy curry and rice. How about you guys?
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