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Food in Britain 2

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more common foods in Britain.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I like to eat spices,. Pizza and fruit salad

I like to eat dumplings,soup and rice.

I like to eat pizza, omelette and soup.

I like to eat pizza and rise ,i like too soup and fruit salad

I like to eat sandwiches, omelettes, pizza, soups and salad fruits. In my country, we don't use to eat dumplings.

I like pizza, burger, spices food, rice, curry, chips, these are food I eat a lot.

Hi Everbody ,
I likte to eat everthing without the chickpea .Actually, My Favourite food is pizaa. I can eat everday. I think I was italian before My life:)

I like to eat fruit salat and sushi and rise!

Except rice and sushi, all of those foods are good for me.

i would like to eat all of those.