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Food in Britain 2

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for more common foods in Britain.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I want to eat sushi and dumplings

In Vietnam, everypeople usualy eat rice. I am too. In the morning, I often eat bread, noodle... for breakfast, but I eat rice for lunch and dinner. Sometime, I am busy or I am on bussines, there is not rice, I crave rice.

I've eaten sushi at java two years ago with my hall team of a choir, it's like a food from my town its name is Nogo sari or like Lemper in java and I loved to eat it.

I really like pizzas and sandwiches but not at all sushis

I like to eat pizza, fruit salad, sandwich, omelette and croissant ... And I don't know what is curry and dumplings. I think these foods are not common in my country.

Hello, I'm Colombian, I think my favorite food is an omelette.

Hello everyone,
I,m Sophy and I,m brazilian.
I like very diferents foods, but my favorite is Pizza!

Hello everyone,
I'm Brenda and I'm Italian but now I'm living in London.
I like eat Pizza and sushi and Chinese food, but for me the best food is Italian food! :)

I have never tasted the Italian food before but i heard alot about it... I think it's the best

Hello Brenda
I'm Ivan and i'm Russian, whole my life i live in Moscow. I like Italian food too especially pizza, but i like and another dishes from other county for example borscht from Ukraine )