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Fruit 1

Do these exercises and learn words for some common fruits.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Most of all I love fruits grown in my garden. They are delicious .

I eat a lot of fruit. I don't have a favourite one because I like most of them . Maybe I have a small preference for some tropical fruits like coconuts, mangoes and pineapples.

I like almost fruits. My favorite fruits is pear, apple and banana.

My favorite fruits are bananas, strawberries and grapes, the others I like in juice.

I like all kinds of fruits! :)

My family like fruits. My mom like apples, bananas and white grapes. My son like coconut. He has allergic to oranges.
My husband and me like strawberries.

I don't usually eat fruit, the fruits I like is mango, strawberry, pineapple, and so on but I don't remember

i think is a good class :)

I do eats fruits frequently as regular. My favourite fruit is water melon.

During summer I like to eat fruits such as peaches, bananas, plums. I most eat coconut or pineapple when I'm at restaurant, I never buy it for home. I like to eat season's fruits and at this time there are most apples and strawberries in France, but I don't have yet buy it this year, maybe soon. During the rest of the year I like to eat grappes, clementines (small oranges) and pears.