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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for talking about holidays.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


On holidays I usually go to see my boyfriend, because we live in differents states.

I usually try to relax

I like to travel for example to the mountains

In the holiday i ussually visit diferent places. Also, I generally drink beer and eat typical food pf the place. I travel around beatiful lagoons or lake, for example, Lago Llanquihue in the south of Chile

In the holidays, I usually go to my country to visit my family and my husband's family. First, we visit my sister in law house because she lives near the port. Then, we go to my parents in law's house, we spend a few days there, we visit the city, there is a beautiful beach there so we cannot help but go for a swim. Then, we go to my parents' house, I stay there the days left. After a couple of days, my husband drives back to his city. Usually, my parents and brothers are used to go on holidays too so I go with them, we agree on a destination and hit the road...

In the holidays, I usually travel to other countries or go out with my relatives. Sometimes I don't go anywhere and just in home.

In vacations, I usually travel by plane, go to the beach and stay in a hotel not too expensive to take advantage of visiting beautiful places, museums.

sometimes I travel with my family to my hometown or beautiful places in my country. I usually travel by couch and car, when we're on our way, we stop a random site to eat and relax then continue. After getting there, we rent a hotel or stay in homestay and visits some famous places in this country, eat traditional food, buy some clothes and souvenirs for my relatives, family and friends

Sometimes I do travel, attend picnic, go camping, make a visit or keep myself retreated.

When I was young and I traveled with my family, we often changed our plans. My parents brings us to campsites where we slept in a tent, or we also sometimes take plane to travel in hotels (I know we were very lucky childrens). In my firsts holidays with friends we usually go camping in differents campsites. Nowadays, as I am a adult, I like to travel in Airbnb's flats in Europe or to go in my Grandma's flat in the south. Honestly, in the holidays, I mostly stay around my place where there are parks. My favourite activity is obvisouly to walk in the street and eat, wherever I'm in my city or when I travel.