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Jobs 1

Learn words for different jobs in these exercises. Is your job in the list?


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Pre-intermediate: A2


at the present, I am a student studying at a university but in the future I would like to become a businesswoman because I really really like to make cakes and breads and I just want to open a bakery store and sell kinds of cakes I make for people would like to enjoy it. And I like the moment when cakes or breads are baked in oven and completed, take it out and I can smell its flavor omg just think I also feel happy

I've worked as a Financial Planner and would ike to work as a Financial Analyst and Management Professional.

When I was young, I had done several jobs. My first one was to serve people in a hospital's restaurant for lunch and dinner. After that I worked as a fish seller, shop assistant / cashier, cleaner in office but also in outdoor, order picker and as a christmas's trees seller. I studied law for 5 years but only obtain a Licence certificate (Bac+3). After that I worked as take care old people at their home which is like a sort of nurse for old people. I then decide to work on the web. Since 2014 I am an independant worker in webmarketing.

I like to do data visualization and programing SQL but now I do not job reason coronavirus.
I am very upset.

I am an accountant financial advisor. I would like to be psychologist.

At this moment i work as accountant .I would like to be a doctor,is a great job.

I have worked as a office worker, workman and merchant.

Well Have been working as teacher for couple years in secondary schools in my country after graduation I was teaching subject related to engineering sciences /electronics for vocational schools.
As my certificates and education background I started my carrier as an electrical engineer with construction company then again joined other facilities maintenance company specialized in health care and hospitals/residential buildings.
I developed my carrier by having some management course in my carrier path to hold some management posts then bidding engineer along with operations

before marriage I worked in association for two years I give money for poor people and use computer and phone.Now I live in Oman and I have license on French that’s why I can’t find a job here because they use the English language. I would like to work a teacher or office worker they are my favorites works.

i am office worker but i would like a professor.