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Jobs 2

Do these exercises and learn the names of more jobs. Have you ever done any of these jobs?


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, I know several people who do this jobs. For example me good friend work as a workman in a warehouse. He likes this job, but I don't know why. My another mate is a cook, but he don't like very much this job. He said this is hard work, He works many hours every day.

My brother is pilot in some special aviation companies and recently he resign and joint one of the biggest airlines.
he likes his job some much as he is experienced as he he is moving from place to another. his wife became flight attendant before couple of moths and she is happy two.
my job is an engineer our job is maintenance and our responsibilities to make the things normal and recover services.

My uncle is a waiter in a coffee, he doesn’t like his job because he takes few moneys and he has a large family and he is divorced now .
Honesty three children with this salary not enough to live well.

My friend was a waitress; she did this job to fund her school fees. However, she was happy to do that job because the customers were kind. She added that that job was very helpful for herself because she learnt how to interact with people you do not know.

yes i know a person who is manager. i like him because he is my uncle.

i had a personal driver in my previous job . i was inspector for food industrial. i work in igi organization but now i am a planning engineer in gilan rubber company.

My neighborhood is a pilot.

My brother is a manager. He likes it but it is very stressful.

my father is retired now and he is a very good handyman he repairs anything in home ( the bathroom , electricity , Garden....)

A friend is a flight attendant, She is in Middle East and she loves her job.