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Jobs 2

Do these exercises and learn the names of more jobs. Have you ever done any of these jobs?


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I have a pet, a cat. It's the second one in my life and once a year I go to a vet.
And with my car I go also once a year to the mechanic for inspection.

I am just a student in college now.

I like to manager . he is a important personal of future

I know really a very lot managers. This profession is very common. However, other professions no less important and needed!

Yes my brother and sister are a teacher

yes. my father is a driver and my father friends is mechanic and they like your job.

I'm electrical engineer and I know lot of electricians what love their jobs and work so good that I can trust any task that I entrust to them.

I have a friend who was a workman, he loves his job very much because he felt happy when finished the work and his work really good and he is a humble man.

This episode is very useful and practical. I studied all the tasks and feel I still can learn something new. My father is a handyman, while my grandfather was a fine carpenter. I am a technical salesman in the ICT industry.

where is electrical technician it doesnt mean handyman or worker