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Jobs 2

Do these exercises and learn the names of more jobs. Have you ever done any of these jobs?


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I never did these jobs. I was a teacher. I'd like to have been a vet because I like animals.

Mechanics or engineers called also the the staff of the engine department of a ship who are responsible and liable for the good working condition of several instruments on board vessel. In the above included also the main and auxiliary engines of the boat.

My father is a mechanic. He is busy all the time. He loves his job. He works six or seven days a week and usually go home late. I love him because he does a hard work and always feel tired but he never complain about his work.

Cleaner, workman, handyman,
Pilot, fight attendant, cook, waitress, waiter,
Manager, office worker, police officer, lawyer, reporter, engineer
Hairdresser, carpenter, mechine, diver
Doctor, dentist, nurse, vet

many people love there job,s but some other don,t or at least not any more why I think so ? will the human behavior is always tending to be influenced by comfortable period from others for ex, one hard worker and the other one is the opposite when they be equal in the benefits that lead to the first one will be effected by the last on and both of them will influence on other and so. finally they all will heat there job,s .

Yes, I know many people and a lot of them love theirs jobs.
They know that it is a shame to be without a job for a lot of time.

it's not a shame to be jobless for a period of time if you can't do nothing about it due to the market , a particular circumstance , however to stop looking for a job , that's the shame thing to do .