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Kitchens 1

Do these exercises to learn words for things you find in a kitchen.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I used to study in the kitchen, far from the living room where is the television but I ate a lot, so I return to the living room and now nobody can watch the tv while I do homework

No I do not. In my kitchen I like to prepare fruit juice and desserts. I love to experiment new things.

I have no table and chair in my kitchen, therefore, it is not a place to eat. I always cook meals, bake cakes, make smoothies and many delicious things which I have learned. Of course whenever I am free!
I also have plants there so I water and talk to them.

I cook food for lunch and dinner in the kitchen. Sometimes I have brekfast there too while I listen to the morning news on the radio.

I have a open room kitchen and i like it to cook for me or friends. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I like make a coffee after lunch

I do not like the kitchen and but usually prepare breakfast

Especailly I like prepare the tea after the dinner. this is my habit. I like drink a tea. Otherwise I don't spend time much in there. My wife cook everfood for us.

I like cooked on my kitchen! Usually I cook and eat on my kitchen)

I usually cook in the kitchen and in there , there is a table with two chairs and i eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at table . The kitchen of my house have a window that has a view to my university .