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Do you know what a 'cheque' is? Find out and learn other words to talk about money by doing these vocabulary exercises.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


Every month, we spend our money on the rent off house then on water then on electricity then on paying internet.
The rest of the money is spending on buying food and required things.

Our family spend most of the money on rent a place for live. Our priority on spending our money is rent a place to live, then water, then electricity, then transportation, then food. I spend most of the money I kept for food.

I spend most of money for food and other things such as cloth, children education, my car and house.

I spend most of my money on books and food.

What do you spend most of your money on?

I spend most of my money for travelling in the world.

I spend most of my money for studying, eating and travelling.

That is good to read this comment for me where as Im spending most of my money while traveling abroad, paying for the tickets, renting an apartment or booking a hotel room, buying souvenirs some times and paying the entrance fees
I hope to visit whole Europe one day

I spend most of my money in bank.because I want to buy a home

I spend most of my money on transport tickets, because I need to move me every day in the city.

Except, buying food and required things, I like to spend money to decorate and design my home. I also buy tools for painting pictures or some tools to dye or create something. I like traveling so it has its own cost. After my saving, I like to buy gorgeous and chic and stylish clothes, bags and shoes.