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Restaurants 1

Do these exercises and learn words to talk about things in a restaurant.


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Beginner: A1


Yes. I does. I like a modern restaurant.

I usually cook meals at home but I also go some restaurants, for example for dinner or during weekends. When I go to restaurants I often choose take away food: pizzas (but really good ones) or indian, chinese food. I really like to discover new meals from different country. I like ethiopian restaurants, and also morocco, but my favourites are french restaurants. When you travel in France it's really important to try local restaurants, there are a lot lot of different typical meals that are very different for each county.

I often go to the restaurant once a year.

Yes, i like to go to the restautants, they are my favorite restauntants where thera are food sea

I sometimes go to restaurants. I dont have favourite restaurants but I prefer these with good atmosphere and where serve pizza cause I love pizza.

I like to go the restaurants in week ends only or holidays with my family. I love sea food and traditional food restaurants and other healthy food.

Yes, I often go to restaurant. I like Arabian restaurants

I often go to the restaurant once a month and I like fast food restaurant.

I often go to restaurants after I have family. Me and my family mostly go to cafe that also restaurant that serves peranakan food. We also often go to a restaurant that serves one of regional food in our country where we live in. Some time back, we often go to some fast food restaurants that serve fried chickens and burgers. When I was single, once in a while I went to cafes that sell brownies or croissants or cold coffee and once in a while I also went to a fast food restaurant to buy bake potatoes. That time in lunch time, mostly I go to semi permanent restaurant that sell noodles or grilled fish or some regional foods in country where I live in. For noodles, not only in the lunch time but also in breakfast time.

I often visit restaurants three times per month, generally I look for strange meal.