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Do these exercises and learn words to talk about shopping.


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I use to shop or do grocery twice a week or once minimum with my wife for food stuff like vegetables, meat , bakery ...etc
where shopping for other has no schedule and it depends on things I need it like clothes, garments, shoes, perfumes, accessories which can be done during occasions only.

Yes I do. I usually go to shop everyday. because supermarket is very near to my room.

Yes, I often shop some food in the local supermarket close to ENS Cachan. It is a carrefour supermarket. I usually do shopping every Saturday. You can find a lot of things there in addition to food such as drinks, books, is cheaper and shop assistants are always welcoming.

I shop for food about once in a few days.

I shop for food in my local supermarket almost everyday. Sometimes twice or three times a day.

I usually go shopping once a week.

Yes, I do. I go to shopping every week, when I have free time. Usually I do not pay with cash because I have a card and to me its most easy.


which different between bill and receipt?

Hello swzan

A 'bill' is the paper you send to someone when you want them to pay you. For example, if you repair the sink in someone's house, you can give them a bill so that they pay you.

A 'receipt' is the paper that you get when you give money to someone -- it proves that you paid.

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Yeah! I shop for food in the costeños' shop, in my neighborhood. I must buy food every day. Normally, I buy vegetables and fruits.