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Snacks and desserts in Britain

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for some snacks and desserts in Britain.


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Beginner: A1


I do like to eat for dessert the ice cream and pie.
the typical snacks in my country are ice cream and crisps.

I like eat pies, cupcakes, for birthday i prefer cake.
In Colombia, we usually prepare cakes with fruits, various recipes for cakes, cookies, we eat a lot of ice cream in the parks.

For dessert I like to eat most crisps and cake. The most typical snacks in my country are chips.

Usually I take biscuits and nuts when I am feeling hungry between meals however in area where I live people like chocolate and crackers and cupcakes as snacks.

difference between biscuits and cookies

Hello bud,

In British English, 'biscuits' are a sweet, baked food. In American English, these are called 'cookies'. In American English, a biscuit is a kind of bread, usually about the size of a cupcake and eaten with gravy.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I like to eat biscuit for dessert. I live in Srilanka.

I prefer nuts and sometimes ice cream. In my city there are a lot of desserts such as borrachitos, tortas de santa clara and camotes, however I do not eat it.

I like to eat ice cream,chocolate, and cake. In my country, Iran, there are some desserts such as "Palode shirazi", "Halva lari", "Gaz Isfahan","Sohan Qom".

Hi. I prefer eat deserts with less sugar, but sometimes i eat ice cream and cakes.