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Transport 2

Do these exercises to learn more words for different kinds of transport.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Lately, I don't use any...But I used to use the underground and ferries sometimes. I'd like to travel to london and try the double-decker bus.

I often drive car but it is neighter a convertible nor a sports car. I prefer driving it because my company gave it to me. I also like driving car.

I used buffalo wagon to go home. If I have money, I will buy a sports car.

I have never used the means/ transports which mentioned above except ferry. I use motorbike for my daily life. I am used to try using ferry to across the river in my country. I see it seems interesting >< It can carry both me and my motorbike. I just want to say that it's so so lit ><

Of these I use none. But, i've used some in the past. I prefer convertibles to all of them.

I'd like to say that I use a lot horse, but if I do so I'd lie. Transport I use the most is underground but in big cities I prefer to use trams because we can see the city outside and this transport has his own way, so it's faster than taxis or bus.

I usually do use metro, I prefer metro on all because it is very fast and inexpensive.

I rarely use all of these kinds of transport because I rarely travel. I prefer car not sports car ( I don't have ) to transport.

I almost use all kinds of transportation available in place where I am living.
Buses and double-decker buses, Vans, Taxi and cabs, trains(not Tram or underground).

I used to use taxi. But i prefer ferry for transporting .