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Transport 2

Do these exercises to learn more words for different kinds of transport.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


I use the car to go to work, to shop, to see family, friends and to go on vacation I rarely take the train and very rarely the plane

I Live in istanbul. I have a white car. I prefer to use underground, Metrobus(our's city transport) and tram but there aren't many everywhere. İstanbul is very crowded place. There are some traffic.

Nowadays Ilive in Moscow and use underground (subway) because it's faster and comfortable type of transport. In future I would like have a personal car, maybe sport car:).

i dont use these but i prefer convertible, tram, sport car and scooter :)

In Quito City, Ecuador, we use double-decker buses for tourist transport. The system of underground started to building and we hope use it in the next year. We use in Quito City lot of sports cars and convertibles. We don't have ferries or trams. I preffer my private car.

I usually use a normal car not a sports car in cities also when i have to travel, i prefer this kind of transport because it more confortable mostly with my family, in brief i can go where and when i want to.

Where can I see true answers from task5? Thanks!

Hi Anelia,

After you answer the question, press the Finish button. After you press the Finish button, press the Show answers button and you can see the correct answers.

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I rarely use public transport because I have a car, it's a green french car

I usually use the scooter, in my city there is no ferry, tram, underground