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Do these exercises and learn some words to talk about the weather.


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Beginner: A1


i did it

Spring begins in March and ends in May, in this great time you can go to "spring break" parties or go on vacation with your family. In the spring the trees start to grow, you start to see the green of the grass grow and the leaves on the trees.

The weather in a place where I live is cold and raining in winter, while dusty and very hot in summer spring is warm and quite short.

Weather in my country is typically different from place t another. depend on geographical areas and season for example winter is cold in whole country but it is dry cold and wind in middle, dry cold in north, east, west and east. however in east it is raining specially in coastal area from end of November to March and level of raining is varied as you go deeper to onshore.
most issues. the longest season in our country is summer where it is raining in south, middle west and east territory as well as far south north. the Autumn season and summer is mostly overlapped and spring is only couple of days.
as my country is laying within tropical zone the hot months are much more longer than cold ones there it is freezing in very limited areas (far north, far east mountains, far west Jabal Marra)
rain is always is coming very heavy with storm , thunder, and lightning, fog and snow are rarely happening in coastal area.

It is sunny day here in Qatar. I am here in Qatar.

Now weather is storm and rainly in rasht city.
Rasht weather's is rain mostly. It is very good for lovers that walking under rain.
There is snow in winter and we play snow game with girls

I live in Ha Noi, Vietnam. There are 04 seasons : spring, summer, autumn, winter. The summer is very hot and the winter is cold, but there is not snow in our city. The autumn in our country is very beautiful and exiting. It is cool and pure. Children like the autumn very much because they have a big party in the middle of August.

The whether is warm and sunny.

The weather today looks nice. it is warm and sunny .

In central Mexico the weather is warm with a storms and some places have fog or are hot, it depends the high of place.