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Air travel

Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.


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I have traveled by air several times but to my experience, I have not had any flight to have the duty free on plane. Not only I improve my vocabulary but I also learn more about air travel. It's a good and basic topic

my longest flight till now it was to India, it was about 15 hours duration with no breaks at all, i am lucky cause the aircraft seats were very comfortable beside i was so tired so i slept during all the flight time.

Hello every one my travel was longest than any one here . It was journey from zero to be fluent in English, I still in this journey and I enjoying with it . as for the longest flights ,it was when I was child from Baghdad to UK

Have you traveled by air? What is the longest flight you have taken?
Yes, i have traveled. The longest flight was Riyadh to New York

yes i already took a flight before , the longest one was from algiers to montreal it taked 8 hours

Yes. I've travelled many times. I've been in 24 countries and the the longest flight I've taken was flight to NY from Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

yes,I have travelled many times by air. And I Like to travel no matter how long it takes.
the longest flight that I have taken was from South Korea to Canada.
the flight took 17 hours .

I have been travelled many times by air in the last two years, I remembered that the longest flight was when I travelled from Beirut airport to SOMALIA Airport

I used to traveled by air frequently as I am working in UAE. After each working rotation it is very mandatory to take leave minimum 15 days.
maximum number of hours I flied 4 hours from my country to UAE

I used to travel