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Air travel

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Intermediate: B1


Nice Excersice!

miss travel sm

I never travel by air before

I've travelled a lot and I'm not sure which of these flights is the longest: Buenos Aires -Moscow, Buenos Aires -Bangkok, Buenos Aires-Pekin or Buenos Aires-Tokyo

I miss air travel.... ;)

Yes, I have travelled by air from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and this is the longest flight have taken but really I was very happy and excited to live in Saudi Arabia.

yes, I have been travelling many times and my longest trip was between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It was great and I enjoyed that flat with my family.

I travelled a lot by plane in my country. My the longest journey was to United Kingdom that took 3 hours.

I have travelled by plane from Cuba to Germany. It was an 11 hours traveling.

fantastic, i like air travelling, specially long one, i remember when i traveled from Dubai to japan, the flat was 10 hours, i was so happy.