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Air travel

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I have travelled two time by planet. I love to fly. To Turkey, to Hungary. Especially take off plane. Hungary travel by plane was very long. Average 4 hour.

I´ve lived abroad for three years so I usually travel by plane. The longest flight I´ve taken it is was one Madrid - La Habana. It tooks more than 8 hours and it was a little boring for me because I don´t like spend long time in closed spaces.

Is it correct this answer for the discussion?

i have only traveled by plane one time, the flight was very short, this flight lasted about fifteen minutes, i couldn´t the fligh enjoy as i would have want, because a woman was sitting by the window and she was sleeping, and i couldn´t see the landscape

The longest flight I have taken was Japan to Italy. I took a tour 3 cities, venezia, florence and rome. It was so nice trip.

I have never traveled by air but I would like travel to America.

I have traveled by plane many times. The longest fly I was in is from SG to HN. It took about 2 hours to reach the destination. In our journey, there were many things happened, such as storm, cloudy weather and the plane shook several times. I was scared a little

I have never flied by airplane before. But i want to fly.

I have traveled by plane only one time in my life, i think it was very bad experience for because the had some problems and we were about to die since then i didn't i use to travel by bus .

I have never travelled by plane yet, buy I'm planning to do it soon.

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I have travelled many times. I love to travel, but my flight more long was only five hours. Colombia to Mexico and then I travelled to United states.