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What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!


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Intermediate: B1


My house is in the countryside, so there is not much those things. But the palce where I'm living in, is opposite. There are many crossroads with traffic lights and crossings. Roads are always crowded. Street lights bright all streets.

We live on a small island in Thailand.We have small roads around us. There are no crossing and traffic lights here. And a lot of street lights are along the roads.

There is a lot of noise from the road in front of my house. First when I moved there , I had the feeling that I couldn't sleep but it's ok now , I'm used of it.

In my city, i see many traffic lights, signposts, bus stop, pavement. In some place its doesn't work. In the roundabout awayls traffic jam about 5 p.m-6 p.m

Unfortunately in my country in a majority part of pavement and road are in a bad conditions with a lot of garbage on the street , people haven´t education to keep our street and places clean . and our governing haven´t been stewardshiped to fix and maintenance our pavement and road

Crossroads, traffic lights, and corner just within 100 meters from my house, i hate traffic and roundabouts. Pavement generally I'll see in public park.

In my street has street lights, pavement and in the end of the street has a square with trees and a crossroads.

Most of mentioned things are not common in my village.except street lights,crossroads,roundabout,traffic and of things are available.

On México city always is a lot of traffic. In some palces of the city the street lights doesn´t work, and it make the city looks dangerous and ugly. But it has a lot of cool things. In center of sity there is a lot of squres and some streets are bulited only for people on foot, we have a lot of places to walking and buy differents things.

My home isn't near the crossroads.