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Around town

What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!


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Intermediate: B1


Most of mentioned things are not common in my village.except street lights,crossroads,roundabout,traffic and of things are available.

On México city always is a lot of traffic. In some palces of the city the street lights doesn´t work, and it make the city looks dangerous and ugly. But it has a lot of cool things. In center of sity there is a lot of squres and some streets are bulited only for people on foot, we have a lot of places to walking and buy differents things.

My home isn't near the crossroads.

Near my home I see a crossing, where walkers can cross the street whitout risk; by now, fortunately, drivers get used to stopping when they see a walker; there's also a crossroad, because four streets intersect.

In Japan, traffic is always heavy and one thing I think it's good in Britain is that you have roundabouts. It's a wise system where traffic is not so heavy. Recently Japan at last introduced the roundabouts system in the countrysides.

Near my home there are one crossroad with traffic lights and crossing. Also there is big street with pavement. Not far away there is a square with monument.

I see traffic lights, roundabouts, street lights, signposts, pavement, crossing.

I can see pavements and crossroads near my house .

I will describe my steps from house to work, in front of my house there is a road I turn right and after 500 meters at crossroads turn right, I walk in pavement up to roundabouts, I cross the road throw crossing and my office is there.

There are street lights and road I can see near my home.