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Around town

What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!


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Intermediate: B1


I have seen many of these things near my home such as signposts, traffic lights, crossings, streetlights, pavements and a roundabout.

There are all of them near my home.

I see near my home a lot of them like crossing,traffic lights ,cross roads and ...

Near my home, there are roads, crossroads, crossings, traffic lights, street lights, pavements, and a square.

Hello. Near my house has a road and a corner. The children like to drive on a bicycle on the corner.

while driving from my home to outside, I used to to take one of two roads.
Both of them I have to go through a roundabout inside the community for exit to the gate to another roundabout in the main road.After that I can take the first exit to take the first road or drive like 7KM then take the exit to be in the second one.

I can see lots of these things near my home. In my home area are crossings, traffic lights, bus stops, a round about and at least the central market place where I often meet friends to eat some icecream or drink a coffee.

i live in karaj which is a one cities of IRAN and near to Tehran.
there are many traffic lights, crossroads, streets, signposts and etc.
i love Karaj .
Karaj is beautiful though the city is crowded is like Tehran.

I live in a big city, it is very crowded, there are a lot of traffic here, The weather and beverage water are polluted, 12 million people live in my city, They have different jobs. engineer, doctor, businessman,building painter, sweeper ,tailor,plumber ,..
there are many traffic lights, roundabouts, crossing , pavement,
i should had strong nerves for live in this city.

I live in Tehran which is a crowded city. Like other cities, it has lots of traffic lights, street lights, and also signposts. But, there is less roundabouts and more crossroads in Tehran comparing other cities that I have seen. In addition, drivers have a bad attitude that they usually neglect crossings which make people annoy when they need cross a street or junction.