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Around town

What's the difference between a 'crossing' and a 'crossroads'? Do these exercises to help learn words for the things around your town and find out!


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Intermediate: B1


I can see traffic lights, square, crossing and pavement near my home.

I can see squares, traffic lights, streets, street lights, pavements, cross roads, corners, bus stops and crossings

I live in a quiet place and can see none of these things except corners around the house. |・_・)ノ

Hi every one
where i live you can see roads , street lights, traffic lights , crossing and threre is no signposts or roundabouts

I live in Beijing, the capital of China, that is crowed city. So I can see crossings, roundabouts, roads, traffic lights everywhere. When i go to work on foot, i need to cross several crossing by the traffic lights.

Where I live there are roads, traffic lights, street lights, pavement, crossing... Lol
I think all of then, fewer roundabouts because almost always they are in country roads.

Hello everyone!!
I live near a bus stop and I can see traffic light,a crossing and crossroads.

The sea, the tip of a peninsula, the sky, clouds, sunshine.... hopefully!

My house is next to the road which buses, lorries, motobikes drive on. There is no pavement for walker, no traffic light, few street lights, some signposts, walkers have to run as fast as possible if they need crossing. Many crossroads without traffic lights and a dangerous roundabout where no street light, no signpost, there was a lot of accidents. The Goverment is building a square.

Our family lives in a small town with a lot of grafic squares. There are also streets with traffic lights so the cars, people and the bicycles are safe.