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Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.


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Intermediate: B1


unfotunitly, we don't have sea in my country, but there are many lakes, that lakes are as big as the sea , it has beach also , the last picnic I went there spent all day, and I sleep there with my brothers and Uncle and friend, we fishing and play and took photos, it was amazing picnic, there was some difficult things facing us , but it were fun

that lakes= those lakes
many more correction. please ask admin

thanks for this notes.

I enjoy going out and visit beach especially when it is sunny. My favorite beach is Santa Monica beach. There is so many things to do for everyone regardless of their age limit. I love to watch stunning view of sunset from the pier. This beach is famous for its cleanliness and surfing. Every weekend surfers from all around the city come and do different stunt on the wave. It is absolutely different feeling when you see children making sandcastle and playing in water. There is so many restaurants which serve authentic dishes from different cultures. Finding parking for the car is usually not a problem unless it is weekend or public holidays. However, many public transport authority offers buses from every corner of city which is very convenient and eco friendly way to travel. I reminds me about my childhood. Thanks to the city for maintaining its beauty and popularity.

Hi, I liked your comment because I got some words that help me to improve and proficiency my English.

I got some words= I found many words which helped me to improve my command on English language.

Do you go to the beach? If so, what do you like to do there?

going to the beach is one of my favorite activites, i do all kind of stuff when i am there , swimming , lie on the sun for 2 or 3 hours , building sandcastles (when i was kid :)).

Lie down under sun

I love going at beach.I enjoy a lot the waves and swiming. I have got a kayake and I sailing across the river and arrive at the other side where are islands and a beautiful places.

Going to beach
I have gotten
Where island and beautiful places are located