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Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.


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Yes I like to go beach some times at the ends of the week it is very far from the place where I am living. I like to just sit and watch the weaves rising and have afresh air and see people are swimming, some of them are fishing, kids are playing foot ball in beach/making shapes in sand.
crabs are only shown at nights coming out side water searching for food while nice shells are laying near water.
some boats are moving from place to place carrying people. surfing is allowed in some specific areas only to get and observation of coast gaurds.

The place where I live is far away from the beach. However, my father loves to go to the beach. He brings us there at least once in a month. He would drive 3 hours just to enjoy the breeze at the beach while watching me and my mother swim in the sea. For me, I love to do water-skiing and take banana boats ride.

Dear admin, would you pls let me know if the grammar and the sentence structure for the phrase above are correct? Thank you for your help.

Hello wycam10,

We read every comment made on our site and we try to answer as many as we can. Where our users have questions about the language, we try to help, especially when the answers may be helpful to other learners. However, we don't correct or proof-read user posts. As I'm sure you can imagine, we have many users on the site and it's simply not possible for us to provide correction for some many users.



The LearnEnglish

He brings us= he takes us
He would drive = he drives ....

Please admin make some comments on my reply as well

Thank you

I`d like to swim in the sea and walking at the beach.

In the sea, I'd like to swim, On the sand, I'd like to play a beach volley.

Actually I like to go to the beach, it is an amazing journey especially in summer I like swimming very much and paling with sea ball, driving sea motors and finely to set on the sand eating delicious food and drinking tea with smoking. it is wonderful life test.

I do like to go to the beach. I love swimming and collecting shells along the beach. I also love to take photos. The thing I like best is snorkelling in the sea. It is so amazing and love to see the beautiful things hidden under water.
The most beautiful beach I have ever been is Ngapali from Myanmar. Water is so clear and the beach is also clean. I hope I can go there again with my friends.

u usually go to the beach in the summertime, I like swimming in quite a sea as I find it somewhat difficult to swim with high waves, that's
in addition fishing and holding a barbecue party in case I go with a group of my friends

Yes, Usually i go to the beach every summer, but this summer I hadn't gone to there. But I have never been on a boat or I have never take a surfboard for ride on the waves.