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Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.


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Intermediate: B1


When I go to the beach I love swimming, pick up some shells, and sleeping on the sand. I don't have a surfboard, I prefer walking in the waves. I always have sunglasses and a hat to protect me from the sun, and I use an organic suncream

I don´t go to the beach very often , actually I don´t enjoy the beach like before when I was younger , when I was youth I used to go to the beach and spent all day there under Sunshine and used sun cream all over my body to got tan , but today I haven´t got patience to do it anymore

Yes I do go to the beach because the beach in my region is very beautiful. I play with the sand and take some picture when I visit the beach.

I love beach!!!
In my town (São Paulo) there is no beach, but here near there are some coastal cities.
My boyfriend's family has a beach house and we usually go there in the summer.

Basically i reside near small city and here is no any particular site where we can enjoy the beach.however,if i get opportunity to go a beach in future i would like to experience the beauty of sea.because it mesmerises .though surfing and take a round on sea by ship are also fascinating.

My home is near see, it takes about 20 minutes to come to the beach by motor. In summer, i usually go to the beach one or two times every week. i'd like to play football on the sand station, if not i will run slowly, and after that i want to swim in fresh sea water. It make me relaxing after a hard working day.

I've gone to the beach since I was a bay. In my opinion, summer isn't summer without the sea. I like above all swimming, whereas I don't like sun myself.

I was born in a seaside town, so I naturally like to see the sea or ocean. I love swimming or snorkelling. Unfortunately, my wife is scared of water, so since we got married, I stopped going to beaches. It's a little bit pity.

I would like to be going to the beach and laying all day. But before I will be put sun cream on my body, because my skin very sensitive from sun lights. If I have a mistakes in my text, please tell me what part of education I need taught. Thanks

Usually every weekends we go to the beautiful beach of our city. Some kids play with the sand at the beach building sand castles, while others enjoy sliding on the slides. In the winter, adults in the family either enjoy taking sunlight or prepare Bar BQ for the whole family. We usually don't have surfboards, but camels or SUVs are available on rent in the desert for an hour or more to enjoy riding.