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Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.


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Intermediate: B1


I have never been to the beach in my life but near my home city there one which is a bit small. I am planning to go there in this coming summer and one thing I think I will enjoy more is the fresh air and taking photos with my friends. I am not good enough at swimming and there no enough waves to surf on. But is real a nice place

Yes,I once lived at seaside for some time and I had a splendid time there.Almost everyday I walked along the beach,enjoying the moist sea breeze.Sometimes I went to catch crabs and collect shells at the beach.One thing that I like most at the time was swimming.When swimming,the waves rise and fall,it's so interesting!

No I don't go to the beach, it's to far away. I live in the interior of Germany and my last holydays at a beach are already long ago.

I really love going to the beach. It's the best time for my family and friends to be get together in this wonderful place and do some amazing water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and boat riding. One of the most activities that I enjoyed is riding the banana boat it's pulled by a small speed boat and would take a strong maneuver in order to fell off the passenger in the water.

Never, and I want to go beach very much.

I like to hear lapping of waves agains the shore drinking a coconut juice! ;)

Yes, I go to the beach many times in the year especially in summer because I live near the beach. In the beach I like play in waves, swimming in the sea and sit in under the sun.

my hometown side there is no beach so I never go beach but in future, I will go there so I carry these things sunglasses, hat, towel, surf and last thing I wish to see the wave.

i love going to the beach as i used to swim and lying on sand my child love playing on sand.

I live in Natal/Brazil and here we have a kilometers of Beach. So I go to the Beach and I Love it. I Like to surf When I go to The Beach.