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Bicycles and motorbikes

How often do you ride a bicycle or motorbike? Learn some vocabulary for speaking about your bike by doing these exercises.


Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


week end= weekend
down town= downtown
eapacially the week end= especially during weekends
bicycle road are= bicycle roads are
i do a big tour crossing all the parcs on my way= i take a long tour passing all parks on my way back to home

I use to ride bicycle weekend on rental basis in cornich for fun there are bicycle track to drive along the way with many other riders. People like them to just have fun and race with each other as most of them are really fast.
I a place where I live motorbikes are not allowed without license but I my friend have an scooter for his daily use, I planning to get license so I can buy one use it during weekends and holidays.

I used to ride on my bicycle every evening for leisure. I enjoyed the fresh and cool breeze very much. However, I stop doing that recently due to heavy air pollution which is caused by the released of chemical particles into the air by the factories nearby my area.

However, I stop= stopped
However, I stopped going out on my bicycle because of the heavy air pollution created by many chemical factories in this area.

I used to ride a bike every day to go to the nearest station. I like to ride it! But I don't go by bike recently because I'm afraid of reckless car drivers in a city and, vice versa, I'm a bit a reckless biker. So I like to ride it in a countryside.

drivers in a city= the city
I'm a bit a reckless biker= I'm also a bit a reckless biker

From spring to autumn I usually ride my bike every day. This year, however, I've been using it until mid-January. I go by bike basically everywhere - to my workplace, to friends and family members, to the shops, and I even like riding it aimlessly - just to relax and free my mind after a long day. :)
I used to have a motorbike as well for 4 years, with which I used to go to the mountains and also to different bikers' events and festivals.

In the past when I was younger I ride bicycle in my town streets, I enjoyed too much birthing a clear air and seeing the mountains, trees and river passing across the city under bridge.

I use a bicycle to move arround the town. There is a lot of kilometres of bike line in my town so it´s easier and more sustentable movi by bike.

I seldom use bicycle or motorbike because it is dangerous and unsafe in our country, Iran. People usually use bicycle in park for entertainment.