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Bicycles and motorbikes

How often do you ride a bicycle or motorbike? Learn some vocabulary for speaking about your bike by doing these exercises.


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Upper intermediate: B2


I ride bike in weekends for do sport.

I am working in a shop.Every day I go to work on bicycle. I do this four time a day.I run slowly because I have no helmet and my brakes are weak and don't work exactly.

Hi everybody!
currently I do not have any bike or motorcycle, but when I was younger I used both of them in my travels.
I personally do not think that are secure ways to get around in a crowded city.

I don't have a motorbike. I prefered my bicycle to go anywhere when I was a student.
Nowadays I don't use it because I have a car and I use it to go to my job. I only use my old bicycle at the weekend when I ride with my childrens around the forest.
We don't forget our helmet.

I ride on my bicycle a couple of time during these spring and summer because I can do it in my native town. As rule, I go on by bicycle around my town or to near forest or river.

I ride my bicycle every weekend around my city in the countryside about thirty kilometres. And then I put my track on for analysis.

I used to ride bicycle once/twice per week to go to shopping mall and gym near by my house. I really love to bike. I prefer riding bicycle than taking public transports like MRT, Bus. :-)

I used to ride bikes two times a week to go to school and back to the living place when I was a junior high school student. After graduation, I hadn’t ridden it again till last year. Now the public bicycles are really convenient tools to hang out with friends on weekends.

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