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Bicycles and motorbikes

How often do you ride a bicycle or motorbike? Learn some vocabulary for speaking about your bike by doing these exercises.


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I used to ride a bicycle when I was a child. And now I have an opportunity to ride a motorbike almost every day because I live in Asia now. It’s the most popular type of transport here.

I can't ride bicycle because I can't manage to keep the balance. I tried learning to ride when I was young. Once I tried learning to ride bicycle in a basketball court, but I hit one of the four poles in the court. It was really a traumatic experience. Since then, I just give up to try.

I really want to ride a motorcycle but I am so scared because I may not control myself to go slower. I like fast. I think biking is safer for me. I use helmet also when I am cycling. Once upon a time that helmet save me from the car crash. And once my tyre had a flat. While cycling I always switch on the headlights to see clearly. And I carry with myself air pump.

I used to ride bicycle four time a day when i was in high school. The bike is a white mountain bike, which is really fit for the worse road condition. Although it has thick tyres, they were punctured several times.

However, nowadays, i usually ride the public bicycles to go out. In the city i lived, the public bus card could be also used for public bicycles. The first hour will not charge any fees. By that means, as long as i return the bike before one hour, there will be no money deducted( ps, there is a CNY 200 deposit). Meanwhile, i don't need to worry about the lose of my bike.

But there are still several disadvantages of riding public bikes. Firstly, it will be hard to find a bike, or get a vacant to return the bike in the peak hours. In addition, the condition of the bike is various. For instance, people need to raise or lower the saddle according to their height; Some bikes' brakes are loose.

So i feel that it is might better to choose the transportation tools more flexible.

I like to ride a bike in the summer. Usually I go to the park with my boyfriend and we rent bikes.

I always ride my motor bike during the week for conmuting from my house to my office, i think to have a motorbike is a very good idea in order to avoid all trafic jams and save time. Riding motorbikes is fun also.

On weekends i prefer to ride my motorbike with my friends whose share the same hobbie like me, all we have 1000 cc displacement engine's motorbike and we usually go out of the city enjoy the landscapes and improve the driving technic.

Riding motorbikes is amazing and exciting.

I don't like riding the motorbike because of danger.
One of my hobbies is riding a bike, bikes are the ones of my favourite kinds of sports rather than jogging or climbing mountains. It's kind of exercise for all your body.

I don't have a motorbike, but a ride my bicycle almost every day. I use it to go to the shop, to visit a friend or to go to the university. It is very comfortably to ride a bike in the city, instead of driving your car. It is much easier to find a place to park, it is much more ecological and also very healthier to ride your bicycle. I can only recommend it, especially when you are living in a city. I have had several bikes, it is a common thing to see some bikes just left there in the street, or beside some students hostels. Old ones, for which no one would care less, and most of the times these bikes are broken. So you can just take one, repair it and ride it by yourself.

I don't ride neither a bicycle neither a motorbike. I prefer to walk or to use my car, if the distance is too long. When I was a little girl, I had a small, red bicycle and I went biking through the city square.