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Body parts 2

What's the difference between your thumbs and your toes? Do these exercises to find out and to learn vocabulary for more body parts.


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Intermediate: B1


I have never suffered a lession, a bone fracture or a critical wound. Before pandemic I used to go swimming and I rarely injured myself , few times when I tried to push me from the pool corners I hurt my toes, but they were insignificant things that could be treated and almost recovered inmediatly.

I don't remember many things but when I was 14 I had an accident. One of my fingers was broken and it was suffering too much. Also when we eat something, we bite our tongues accidentially and then it hurts too much.

I'v never broke my leg or ankel, but onec when i was kid , while i was playing football i injured my knee and elbow. Furthermore, i'v some pain in my wrist until these days.

I'v never broken my knee or my ankle, but once time in my childhood I injury my fingers playing with a door and my fingernails were still hurting for a long time after that.

No, I never have broken a leg, or something

Its really logical. Yes. I had, for example my left wrist.

I love climbing mountains. Once, while I was climbing a steep mountain I accidentally lost my balance and fell down. Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle, it was very painful. However, even though I also had a knee injury I would repeat that experience.

when I was young , I broke my leg because I jumped from my house's upstairs. It was pretty crazy. And the doctor told me to take a month off.

Few months ago, i got a minor crack in my ankle. while i was getting down off the staircases. at that time i did not feel pain. but the next day when i woke up in morning my ankle got swollen. I went to doctor. The doctor put a plaster on my foot in order to fix the crack. and asked me to take 10 days rest.

i injured a wrist when i was playing volleyball. Then i stopped playing and relaxed