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No,I really don't know how to drive. But I'm planning to learn and get my driving license. In my opinion, everyone should learn how to drive. It's essential in daily lives.

This time I am studying in university and live in hostel.So I don't know how to drive. My father always said you should learn driving. In this time I only think about carreer.

Cars are changing to be eco-friendly...
Good or bad...??

No, I don't know how to drive. I often think about getting driving license. But nothing still happens in reality. I hope I can get it one day.

unfortunately, i don't have a car and i can't driving, so i don't know yet the feel when some people driving a car. But i think that's look's cool. And i hope one day i can do that.

I know how to drive, I've driving for 3 years. I like driving on the highways with music, especially at nights. I don't like driving in a crowded city like İstanbul because it is really tiresome due to the stop-and-goes.

Unfortunately, I don't know the driving car, but only the driving motorbike and bike , although I am 29 years old but I strive to learn a driving car.

Although I don't have my own car, I know how to drive. I got my driving licence many years ago. To be honest, I don't enjoy driving much especially when there is too much traffic, that usually happens at rush hours. Another thing I hate about driving is when I have to park downtown on weekdays because most of the time there are very few places and it takes ages to find one.

I like driving to travel from town to town or in countryside but in big town, like Paris for example it's quite difficult, we always have to be careful and pay attention to everyone sharing the road like motorbikes, bicycles, scooters and pedestrians...not a lot follow the traffic rules.

I like driving because it gives me time to look into the far distance and distraction. ;)