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Christmas in the UK

Happy Christmas! Do these exercises and learn words to talk about Christmas in the UK.


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Upper intermediate: B2


I come from Viet Nam and in my country. Christmas isn't a main traditional holiday. In Viet Nam, we organize a big holiday called Lunar New Year (Tết Nguyên Đán) or may be called Tet Holiday (Tết). Before Tet , my country's atmosphere is really bustling. Everyone cleans their house to wait for Tet coming. Besides that, people go shopping for new clothes because this is our traditional, if you buy new clothes for Tet holiday, you will start a new year with luck. I don't know this is right or wrong I just hear one of my friends told about this. At this time, they also prepare some foods (Thịt kho tàu, canh khổ qua - bitter melon soup, fried fish,....), and some fruits to put on the altar like custard apple, coconut, papaya, mango, Sung - in Vietnamese. I will explain for you why they choose these fruits - in Vietnamese it means Cầu dừa đủ xài sung - they hope, in the new year they will have more and more something like money, good things, condition, even in career and jobs. They always hope everything in their life always good and develop. On the other hand, At Tet everyone usually goes to the temple, church to pray for themselves or their family,.... Before or At Tết holiday, There has many activities in my country but I just remember something as above I told you. If you would like to discover something about Tet holiday, you can search Google

People celebrate Christmas where I live. They start preparing for a month in advance. Most of the people buy Christmas tree and placed inside their house. They decorate it with tinsel, stocking, lights, and many presents. They also invite neighbor, friends, and relatives for dinner. They exchange presents and greet each other. They donate food, cloths, and other essential items to poor people. Many times they arrange shelter to accommodate homeless people. Children play outside and make snowman out of snow flakes. There is something for everyone and for children: present waiting under Christmas tree or handing over it. I love it because Christmas makes us polite, humble, and needful for others.

Hi, I am from Vietnam. For me, the most important holiday here is Lunar New Year Eve. People in Vietnam look forward to it every year since this Eve family has the opportunity to reunite and celebrate together which hard to do another time in a year. People do a big clean the house to wipe out bad lucks and ready to receive fortune coming from the new year. Vietnamese like to decorate their house by flowers. Especially apricot flower and peach blossoms are the most popular decorative flowers for this occasion. On the night turning from the old year to the new year, there are fireworks performances in almost every city in Vietnam. The meaning of these is scaring away the evils and welcoming the God of wealth. On that night, families gather together and eating delicious foods and watch Military Apple (I think only Vietnamese is able to understand this word, lol). In summary, I do not think that I am able to tell you about this biggest Vietnamese holidays in a few words. I hope that anyone who is interesting in this holidays has a chance to experience it in Vietnam, it will be one of the greatest experience in your life, I promise ^^~

India is a land of festivals. people of different- different religion and culture live here. But the festival i like most is "Diwali". people starts cleaning their home few days before diwali. houses are decorated with electric lights, earth lamps and flowers. people use to wear new clothes on this day . at night we worship the Goddess "Lakshmi" . we prepare some traditional dishes and sweets at home and distributes with each other. it is a festival of lights which removes the darkness from earth.

in my country, people often celebrate Tet holiday which is the biggest festival of the year. its the time that everyone prepares to welcome to a new year. Pricot and peach blossom bloom, everything is cleaned and decorated carefully. The children wears new clothes and they recieve a lucky money from their parents. Almost people usually go to the church to pray for lucky in a new year and visit thier relative.

In Singapore , we celebrate many holidays. For instance, Chinese New Year which is the New Year celebration of the Chinese according to the Chinese Calender and Hari Raya, the new Year Celebration of Malay according to the Islamic Calender. However, the seasonal celebration i love the most is Christmas where everywhere is decorated with colourful lights and beautiful christmas trees. In addtion, joyful christmas songs are broadcasted in almost every corner making the everyone feel warm and happy.

In Georgia also called SAQARTVELO, where I live have a lot of holidays, for example, saint Georgi's day, it is the most lovely saint for Georgian people and in our homeland, there are over 365 churches named of him. In Georgia live's 3,7 million, people and 90 percent of them are Christians and this is a reason 12 saint holiday's that we have in Georgia, but also we celebrate a new year, easter, international women's day, etc like another world.

In Kazakhstan we have a lot of holidays, but the most celebrated: New Year, Nauryz

The most important holiday in my region is Fiter holiday in this day we visit our families, friends and neighbors shearing foods in same table.
our children playing together in the town court where you can hear there laugh.

We celebrate January the 7th to celebrate a new government which was freed from the massacre.