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Christmas in the UK

Happy Christmas! Do these exercises and learn words to talk about Christmas in the UK.


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Upper intermediate: B2


I live in France and it will soon be christmas

I celebrate Diwali and Holi and new year also. this festivals mostly celebrates Indians.

In Ecuador we celebrate Christmas, new year, easter, independence day and others that have regional caracter in each province.

I live in Iran .one of the most important day which is celebrated in my country is Norooz. It's the first day of spring. Norooz is a cultural complex. I t has many things.the first thing is Haftsin table. Haftsin means things that their names begin with the Sin letter ( sin is one of the Persian alphabets). For example :Samnoo which is provided from wheat flour.and six other things.On the thirteen day of the spring we have a celbrate that is named Sizdah bedar or nature day.Iranians believe that everyone or every family must go out of the house and we go to parks or gardens or...

here people decorate their houses with lights and build a Xmas tree and a manger. People meet and do the ninth christmas singing carols and eating natilla, buñuelos. Is very cheerful here.

I live in Spain and in my region there are a lot of holidays. In addition to celebrating Christmas we have Fallas in March, easter holidays in April, local party in August and national day in October. But for me the best holidays are the summer holidays when I can travel with my family and I can relaxing.

The most important holidays that We celebrate are: Christmas, new year, easter, and country's independence

In my country, we have 9 hodidays. The first one is Lunar New year in January, next is Anniversary of a death of our 1st King in March, and in April we have Unified Day, in the beginning of May, that is International Labour Day., in September, it's Independence Day and last one is Happy New Year in December.

In my country there are a lots of holidays , in January we have city birthday , in February we have the most famous carnival in the world , In April Easter , In may labor day , in june ( I don´t know how to say "corpus cristi" in english , in september Brazilian independence day , in October child day , in November deceased day and finally in December we have Christmas and new year

I am living in SAIDNAYA -christian village in Syria-
At Christmas time we make a huge Christmas tree (height up to 35 meter) wit celebrating and telling the Christmas story.
hundreds of people are coming to celebrate with us from other countries.