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Christmas in the UK

Happy Christmas! Do these exercises and learn words to talk about Christmas in the UK.


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Upper intermediate: B2


I don't ever know about Christmas celebration. And what people do in their Christmas party? People are busy with a new Christmass tree. They put holly, tinsel, cracker. They make pudding cake, mince pie to welcome a new year. The childen are eager to wait for a present of Santa and play snowman outside. Santa wears a red clothes, sitting on the sleigh, with 4 reindeers. He put a present into a stocking for kids.

Today people celebrate Happy New Year in Russia. Happy New Year everyone.Best wishes.

I live in Ukraine and people usually celebrate Christmas there, however we have it on January 7. According to Gregorian calendar, Orthodox Christians. My family used to celebrate both on December 25 and January 7, because my grandfather was Catholic. Now, that I've been in China for 8 months (and it is my second time, first being 4 months) I noticed that they celebrate Mid-Autumn festival in September-October and know that they celebrate Mid-Spring festival in February. This is also the time when they have New Year. These are main holidays. Mostly it is accompanied by meeting with family, eating moon-cakes and firing lots of fireworks. They also celebrate Christmas, but not as loud as we do. There are no Christmas carols from house to house and it's hard to find Santa and of course no presents in stockings or under the Christmas tree, but there are many in hands. No day off on Christmas as well. They will have 3 days off on New Year's eve this year, though, from 30 December to 2 January.

in tokyo you can find a lot of places to celebrate your Christmas Eve such as shibuya,yokohama or roppongi . This year i chose roppongi for the Holy Night . i ate sausage and drank beer at the Germany's Christmas market and go to the Church there .

People clean and decorate their houses, decorate Christmas trees in my country. Today, on December 24, we should have twelve leans on our table. Tomorrow we will rejoice at the gifts and eat different delicious food. Sorry the weather is not suitable for walks now(.

We have christmas new years eve easter new years day boxing day christmas eve, and good friday.

Its me louis (venuri sirinika) l got to know some new words of christmas.

In Vietnam, we celebrate Tết holiday. We will cook some traditional foods such as bánh chưng, bánh tét, mứt. We decorate our house, clean the street and buy some new clothes.

Hello Peter M
I knew about the word "fish" and "sheep" before. The dictionary showed me the ending "s" for word "reindeer"(. You helped me a lot. I haven't qualm.
Thank you very much.

Word "reindeer" have plurals form "reindeer" too (Task 4). Do I understand right?