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Do these exercises and learn words for things you can see in gardens.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Why does green heal us? Why do flowers make us smile? They don’t like to play with us like pets, but just stand around us.

I live in a flat but I have a lot of houseplants.

We do not have any gardens in our house, but there are lemon, orange and persimmon trees in our yard.

Our house don't have garden, because I live in apartment. but my mom has a lot of plant in stairway.

I got in my house two gardens, one in front of it, and one at the back.
The front garden has two small areas separate by a gap; each one has lawn, some flowers and a pine tree.
The back garden also has two areas separate by a ladder they're bigger than the front ones, both has lawn, one of them has a fig tree, also there is other area in the garden with only grass and some fruit trees such as orange tree, guava tree and aloe vera plant.

My house does not have a garden, however you can find some plants in the garage.

My house doesn't have a garden, because I live in an apartment.

Floral assemblage

My house has a nice garden because my husband has a green hands :). He uses his lawnmowen once a mounth.

I put flowers in a vase and displayed a couple of green plants in green crockery bowls so that I can feel a gardenish atmosphere!