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Do these exercises and learn words for things you can see in gardens.


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Intermediate: B1


Yes, I have a large garden where I play badminton, and others game. My father employed a gardener who take care garden.My family daily after

Yes, we've got a small area at the back of our house. My parents currently plant some vegetables for cooking at home. I'm always thinking about to modify that area like building a greenhouse so they don't need to worry about the weather,especially the rain. It's much better to consume home grown vegetables in our daily lives. Cause most of the vegetables from the market are grown with dosing lots of chemicals to look fresh and be sustainable.

No, it doesn't have
But if I have a greenhouse or garden I could planting half a garden flowers and another part I could making lawn with hedged by trees and bushes.

Struggled with mosquitoes thanks to gardening!! ;(

No, I live in an apartment, but my parents' house does. It is a beautiful garden with a large lemon tree, a peach tree and some flowers...It also has a terrace where people can sit and enjoy a tea or even a barbecue. My parents' garden doesn't have a hedge, it is separated from the neighbours' gardens by walls.

In my parents' house, we have a nice garden with different flowers, trees and a nice lawn. Before spring and barbecue period, I used to clean the garden with the lawnmower while my mom was planting new and colorful flowers.

Yes! It does. I really love being surrounded by trees and flowers in spring. It feels great living close of Nature.

Yes. It has. It's like a mini garden.

I wish I have a house with a large yard, beautiful garden full of different flowers and fruits. I know it is not easy to keep a large garden, but if I have a such house I can take workers who keeps my house in a good view.

When I was younger, my dad used to take care of lawn where he practiced golf; my mom used to enjoy planting flowers and vegetables on the other side of the lawn area. I like gardens very much. :)