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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.


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Intermediate: B1


When I go to the doctor or dentist, I usually read about the disease before go. In Colombia is very difficult be sure what doctor say.

When I go to the dentist I feel nervous. Luckily, I rarely go to the doctor and I don't usually swallow medicines, because before I take a drug, I always read the leaflet. Consequently, I scaring, so I renounce. Till now the thing worked. I hope to keep !!!! Let's cross the fingers!!

I feel bad when I go to the doctor or dentist. I have experienced all of these: hospital, doctor, dentist, tablets, injection and so on.

I hope to be early recovery, when I go to doctor or dentist. yes, I had an accident many years ago and used of ambulance with one nurse for went to hospital , after X-ray cleared that one of my foot hurt they used of bandage for it. on usual I go to dentist for check my teeth and I go to doctor when I sick after that I receive medicine by chemist like plaster, tablets and injection.

Actually yes, I have been many times visiting doctors, I need swallow tables all the days jejeje. And I have take a couple of X-ray. But thanks God I never been in a hospital or ambulance!

On another hand, I hate dentist hahaha They are like the devil and I know, I shouldn't have fear, I'm a grown man! hahaha

Visit a doctor or a dantist is always challenge for me. But they can help you and consiquently you have to trust them. I had a bandage twenty years ago, when I broked my right leg. At first I was made a X-ray and after putting a bandage around leg I was given a few tablets.

How are you?
Which is correct :
I have pain . or
I have a pain.

the second one

Hello Hamdy Ali
Anyone would understand you if you said 'I have pain', but normally we don't use 'have' with 'pain'. Instead, it's common to say 'I feel pain in my stomach' or 'The pain in my stomach is getting worse' or 'I am in a lot of pain'. You can see more examples in this dictionary entry:
It's also very common to use the verb 'hurt', e.g. 'My stomach hurts': (see number 2 'feel pain').
I hope this helps.
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

I didn't feel bad. Yes I use.