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Streets and roads

Do you know what a 'kerb' is? Do these exercises and learn what it and other words related to streets and roads mean.


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Intermediate: B1


The streets, where I live, are good, however in much sites is necesary do mantenunce because, in the city, the county is building the first line of metro (subway train) and the contractor is doing any reforms to the streets.

Where I live, the streets and roads are ok but it could be re-pavemented so we can use to walk and not fall haha and the cars won't be damaged by the holes in the streets.

where i live, there are a motorway and some streets are damaged.

do not rely on fire for pedestrians crossing !

Where I live the streets and roads are so-so . could be better , at some places they are a lots of holes and they are irregular , but if you compare to Japan our streets , roads and sidewalk are awful ,

My school roads are really rough. I am very afraid of my car's wheels will torn apart soon.

In my country, roads and streets are not clean, safe. When it rains, the streets are wet and flooding so it's no safe to ride there. The pavements are the places where people buy and sell anything so the walkers have to walk on the street

In my country many roads are like a swiss cheese, though there are a lot of roads with good quality. The most good roads are near Moscow/

I think roads and streets in the city where i live are not good planned, because very big traffics with a small population

Where i live, the streets and roads are good. there are not many cars on the streets and allmost all people follow the laws. But i lived also in another countris. they had very bad and dangerous streets. many people dies by car accident.