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Learn the names of some common tools by doing these exercises. 



I have used all tools mentioned above: drill to make holes whether I would hug something on wall, or I would use screwdriver to open|close screw , hammer to insert nails , knives to cut

I had used tools which include rake, spade, nail, ruler, hammer, saw, spanner, screw, pliers and screwdriver. Yes. I use other tools.

I used a hammer to put in nails, a pair of pliers to bend metal wires and a saw to cut a sheet of wood. Besides I also used an axe to cut down trees around my house.

In my opinion most people use the instruments at home such as pliers, screwdriver, hammer, ruler, spanner and may be drill. There are spade, rake and saw people use in the garden.

i have used all these tools except drill. I actually use spade, rake in the garden.


Actually all these tools I used as usually in garden I use spade and rake maybe saw, in workshop I use others like hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, utility knifes, spanners pliers and drills to build a pit house or maintain my house furniture.

I useall the tools but I did not its names even I am a welder. Now, I learn whole

It's important tools and the new words is pliers,spanner and drill

I´ve been using a lots of them , like screw , screwdriver , drill , pliers , spanner , ruler , utility knife , hammer and nail to fix small things in my house , I prefer to fix somethings by my self to calling someone else , doing this I safe money , and I learned how to fix things , nowadays with Youtube you can learn everything that you want to know. last year I have painted my house

at house :hammer, nail, screw, screwdiver, drill, pliers.
at garden :spade, rake, ruler, utility knife, saw.