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Vegetables 1

Do these exercises and learn the names of some common vegetables.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


carrot, potato, sweetcorn,
cabbage, lectture, cucumber, pepper, tomato, peas, oninon, aubergine, cauliflower

I eat every day vegetables.I like very much popato(like french fries )and also i use to eat salads(tomato ,cucumber,onion)...I get kick out of garlic ..but it is not mention in this list .(the garlic soup is very tasty should be tried by everyone).The aubergine si really good .In my country we cook this vegetable like a pasta with onion and olive oil .We call it aubergine salads.

I like all those vegetables, except lettuce.

I like mostley potatoes green beans carrots , cabbage .

I like most of vegetables but I don't like broccoli.

I like all vegetables besides chilli

Like I wrote down earlier; I realy like broccoli and I dislike leeks...

I like all of them. Nowadays, I really like artichoke , especially with steak.


When I was younger, I don't like any vegetable. I'd eaten water spinach at most.
I fell that is why my skin is dry and sensitive. But after 25 of my age, I start to try and eat some vegetables. The conclusion is I like all the vegetables above shown :):):)